I’m a bunch of atoms called Ilaria. My DNA tells I’m human.

I’m not a famous scientist nor an astronaut, but I’ve found out (too late!) that Science is amazing.
After all, when you discover we’re LITERALLY made of star stuff, how can you not fall in love with science?

I love astronomy and science fiction and I opened this blog because, as Carl Sagan said, “when you’re in love, you want to tell the world”.
Science fiction takes me to strange new worlds of any kind, whether they be in the realm of cinema, literature, even music… Well made science fiction is marvelous in all its forms.
And astronomy is a constant reminder that nature is often more awe-inspiring than we could possibly imagine.

Before becoming a science enthusiast* I spent 8 years learning foreign languages and I’m deeply in love with British English (RP in particular, I have to say). Ich spreche auch Deutsch, un petit peu français e italiano (my native language).

* ‘science enthusiast’ has no direct translation to Italian, so I came up with ‘scientusiasta’!
Here’s the phonetic trascription for my fellow linguists: [ʃɛntuˈzjasta]